Sky Greens Vertical Farming System – The world’s first low carbon hydraulic commercial farming system

  • Patented vertical farming system

Sky Greens patented vertical farming system consists of rotating tiers of growing troughs mounted on a A-shape aluminium frame. The frame can be as high as 9 meter tall with 38 tiers of growing troughs, which can accommodate the different growing media of soil or hydroponics. The troughs rotate around the aluminium frame to ensure that the plants receive  uniform sunlight, irrigation and nutrients as they pass through different points in the structure.

  • High yield

When compare with traditional monolayer farms, the Sky Greens patented vertical farming system intensifies land use and can result in at least 10 times more yield per unit land area.

  • High quality

The structures are housed in a controlled environment which enables stringent control of input materials to bring about food supply, food safety, food security and food quality assurances.

  • High flexibility

Made of aluminium and steel, the modular structures are robust and yet highly customisable and scalable. Structures can be tailor-made to suit different crops, growing media and natural conditions, even allowing cultivation on originally non-arable lands.

  • Low energy use

    With the harnessing of natural sunlight, there is no need for artificial lighting. Rotation is powered by a unique patented hydraulic water-driven system which utilises the momentum of flowing water and gravity to rotate the troughs. Only 40W  electricity (equivalent to one light bulb) is needed to power one 9m tall tower.

  • Low water use

    With the plants irrigated and fertilised using a flooding method, there is no need for a sprinkler system thereby eliminating electricity wastage, as well as water wastage due to run-offs. Only 0.5 litres of water is required to rotate the 1.7 ton vertical structure. The water is contained in a enclosed underground reservoir system and is recycled and reused.

  • Low maintenance

Being housed in a protected environment ensures that the system can be relatively maintenance-free and have low manpower dependency. The rotating troughs and intensified plant to plot ratio also mean high manpower efficiency.

Commitment towards Research & Development (R&D) 

It is only through research and innovation that countries can overcome the ever demanding challenges of erratic climatic conditions, limited arable land, water and energy resources and rapidly growing world population. Sky Greens is committed to explore innovative agricultural and engineering solutions to be in the forefront of urban agri-technological breakthroughs.