Freshness from Farm to Store

Proprietary cold chain management system

Besides growing and harvesting fresh, we at Sky Greens also ensures that the produce stays fresh all the way from farm shelves to store shelves. With our patented Cold Chain Management System, cooling, storage and transportation is combined in one container. This multi-functional mobile facility reduces handling and storage spaces while it streamlines processes and maximises space use. The idea behind this innovation stemmed from Sky Greens principal of achieving maximum functionality with minimum impact on the environment.

Direct harvest and storage

Unlike conventional land-based farming which constrains harvesting and packing methods, vegetables at Sky Greens can be harvested and packed right where they grow, thus reducing double handling and lowering cost and wastage.

Vacuum process extends shelf-life

Freshly harvested vegetables are stored in vacuum cooled cold trucks, whereby contact with air is vastly reduced so that the vegetables stay fresh longer. The cold trucks are also set to the most ideal preservation temperatures customised to product types.