SKY GREENS feature on CHANNEL NEWS ASIA (12 Jul 2021) – Building Asia: Engineering Sustainable Farming – Sky Greens

With the aim of re-inventing farming in land-scarce Singapore, Sky Greens, the brainchild of engineer Jack Ng has grown from a vertical farm system into a micro-farm franchise, with Green Trade Financing from UOB, giving the unique business model an added boost.

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SKY GREENS featured on STRAITS TIMES (16 Mar 2021) – S’pore high-tech farms seek to export not just produce but their technology too.

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Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing at the launch event for the new micro-farming system by Sky Urban Solutions on Mar 16.

SKY GREENS featured on SLICE (29 Sep 2020).

For the first time in human history, half of the world’s population now lives in cities. In 50 years, cities will even house 70% of human beings: they will then have 7 billion mouths to feed and will have to meet an immense food challenge. How to feed this urban population? In Singapore, this island of 5 million inhabitants for 721.5 km, one answer has emerged: vertical farms. This innovation is a real challenge for the island, which depends heavily on its neighboring countries to feed themselves.

SKY GREENS featured on VERTICAL (29 Aug 2020).

Vertical: The Future of Farming follows a new generation of urban, indoor farmers, whose approach to food production offers the potential to combat climate change while feeding hundreds of millions. From New York City, to Portland, Oregon to Singapore, these farmers are turning agricultural conventions on their head by utilizing vertical space in cities, rather than expansive rural fields. The result, according to retired Columbia Professor Dickson Despommier, represents the “next evolutionary jump in humanity’s quest for a reliable, sustainable food supply.”

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SKY GREENS featured on SGSME.SG (25 June 2019) – Big plans ahead for local vertical farm Sky Greens.

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Big plans ahead for local vertical farm Sky Greens
Mr Jack Ng, chief executive of urban farm Sky Greens, with trays of vegetables that are grown stacked inside A-shaped frames, at the Sky Greens Farm on 25 August 2014.

SKY GREENS featured on STRAITS TIMES (12 June 2019) – Urban farm cert for Sky Greens’ organic vegetables.

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Urban farm cert for Sky Greens' organic vegetables
Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli with Sky Greens founder Jack Ng during a visit to the vertical farm in Lim Chu Kang yesterday. Mr Masagos, who witnessed the certification presentation, noted the growth potential for local farms, given the increasing demand for organic food. ST PHOTO: CHONG JUN LIANG

SKY GREENS featured on CENTRE FOR LIVEABLE CITIES (29 Apr 2019) – Ngiam Tong Tau – Welcome to a Farm in the Sky

By marrying engineering with agriculture, Sky Greens has created an innovative vertical farming system that is commercially viable. Dr Ngiam Tong Tau, Chairman of Sky Greens Pte Ltd, takes us behind-the-scenes to see how his company produces safe, fresh and delicious vegetables while using minimal energy and water.

SKY GREENS featured on ZAO BAO (16 June 2018). 新闻 (早报) 报道了天鲜 (16日6月2018年)。

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SKY GREENS featured on STRAITS TIMES (16 December 2015) – Building vertical ‘houses’ for plants.

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Building vertical 'houses' for plants
Mr Jack Ng’s 9m-tall system with tiers of planting troughs clinched the biennial Index: Award in Denmark in August. ST PHOTO: ALICIA CHAN

SKY GREENS won THE INDEX PROJECT: Index Award 2015 – Work Category.

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SKY GREENS featured on TVBS NEWS (23 May 2014). 新闻 (TVBS新聞台) 报道了天鲜 (23日5月2014年)。

Singapore’s land area is only 2.5 times that of Taipei City. Due to its small size and dense population, it is not suitable for the development of agriculture. Agricultural products are highly dependent on foreign imports. A civil engineer introduced the vertical farm concept from the United States to build a “vertical greenhouse for growing vegetables” in the city. It can be produced 365 days a year.


SKY GREENS featured on CNBC (31 October 2013) – Inside the world’s first vertical farm.

CNBC takes a peek inside Sky Greens, the world’s first commercial vertical farm in Singapore and questions whether this could be a viable alternative to traditional farming methods.

SKY GREENS featured on JOURNEYMAN PICTURES (9 Sep 2013) – How Vertical Farms Bring Fresh Food To Booming Cities

In Singapore, the challenge of feeding a growing population is pushing the concept of urban farming to new heights. A super-efficient vertical farming system is producing greens for 5 million residents.

“Can we supply enough food for everyone on the planet?” is a question plaguing leaders around the world. In Singapore SkyGreen offers one example of how this might be possible, “not just technically, but economically”. By increasing their food security while reducing the impact of food production on global climate change, SkyGreen is 10 times more productive per square foot than conventional farming.

SKY GREENS featured on CNN BUSINESS (9 December 2012) – Urban farming looking up in Singapore.

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Vertical farms solve land problem – With land prices at a premium in Singapore, vertical farms with rotating vertical racks present a sustainable solution while cutting down pollution.

SKY GREENS was featured on ECO-BUSINESS (25 October 2012).

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