Sky Greens Vegetables

Sky Greens tropical leafy vegetables – grown locally, freshly harvested daily

Vegetable varieties available:

  • Sky Nai Bai

Sky Nai Bai or Shanghai Green, one of the high iron vegetables, features a crown of dark green leaves with short crunchy white stems. It tastes best swiftly stir-fried over a robust flame with a sprinkle of garlic and salt.

  • Sky Cai Xin

Sky Cai Xin, one of the staples on the household menu, is especially versatile as a vegetable that is not only delicious on its own, it can be fried together with noodles, meat and seafood to make a complete meal. Sky Cai Xin, harvested within a shorter growth cycle, is more crisp and tender than other varieties in the marketplace.

  • Sky Xiao Bai Cai

Sky Xiao Bai Cai can be stir-fried or lightly boil and served with sauce over the vegetables.  An all time favourite on the Chinese dinning table, Sky Xiao Bai Cai is exceptionally crunchy and tender as they are harvested at their best.

  • Sky Chinese Cabbage

Sky Chinese Cabbage or Mao Bai is a long leafy vegetable with a broad stem. The vegetable tastes great both stir-fried or cooked in soup.

  • Sky Mao Bai
  • Sky Lettuce
  • Sky Bayam
  • Sky Kai Lan
  • Sky Kang Kong
  • Sky Spinach

As the farm expands, Sky Greens intend to grow interesting vegetables to provide more high quality, fresh and delicious choices.


  • All year round fresh produce in controlled green houses, means monsoon season in the tropics will not impact significantly on the Farm.
  • Sky Greens Farm will offer a reliable supply of safe and fresh vegetables. Consistent and reliable harvest – contract farming for steady supply


  • Safe and fresh everyday – Vegetables are harvested and delivered to the market everyday.
  • Taste fresh and delicious.
  • Singapore grown vegetables – Vegetables you can trust.

Sales Sky Greens vegetables

Sky Greens vegetables are currently available via NTUC FairPrice Online or at selected FairPrice Finest Stores in Singapore.

You may also purchase directly at Sky Greens, every Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm.